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Feb 22, 2017

Professor Thomas J. Main is conducting research for a book about the Alt-Right that will be published by the Brookings Institution. This interview of Mike Enoch is part of that research. Enjoy!

Feb 21, 2017

The Death Panel are really confused about Milo's downfall. The MSM thinks Pedophilia is a bad thing now?

Death Panelists: Mike Enoch, Sven, Alex McNabb

Feb 17, 2017

Mike and Sven take a victory lap for the victory lap, discuss the Alt Right/Hotep Alliance, and recent political developments.

Death Panel: Mike Enoch, Seventh Son

  • TRStlemania
  • Sven's Wife
  • Ordering Juice and Seeing Kyle
  • Trumpposting
  • The Animating Myth
  • The Dingoes
  • 1:05:53D'Nations/Fundraising Efforts
    -Smith's Paypal (Another Shoah'd GoFundMe):
    -WeSearcher campaign for Bad Goy Beaten Up By Antifa
  • 1:14:25 "RWDS" Live (Again)
  • 1:19:52 HOTEP/Alt Right Alliance
  • YOU'RE FIRED, Flynn
  • American Innocence
  • 2:05:37 The Merchant Minute
  • #DayWithoutImmigrants
Feb 14, 2017


Featuring a Skype call from Richard Spencer, a live Karaoke performance by Sven, Dear Rabbi and shout outs from the goys. Enjoy! (Regular programming resumes Friday morning)
Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Drunken Monoxide, Exec Producer/Live Audio Tech Bradan O'Fahey

  • 1:46 "Right Wing Death Squads" Live Karaoke
  • 8:00 Welcome, Shout-Outs to local groups
  • 14:00 Some actual content from Mike
  • 34:40 Shout-Outs from the Goys
  • 1:03:40 Dear Rabbi
  • 1:07:45 Adios Mi General



Right wing death squads the fire will rise
Unleash the deportation force
The goyim open their eyes
The delusion wears thin
Before the Zog can even shut it down

Right wing death squads, The new Trumpenreich
Wall construction crews heading south
The goyim open their eyes
White Sharia Rape Gangs,
And Catapults, chuck 'em over the wall

I can make America Great Again
Banning Muslims
Sending back Mexicans
Building walls and making them pay for it
They have to back

Right wing death squads free us from the kayaks
This moment we've been waiting for
The end of white genocide!
Hail, victory's nigh
Let's get the rope
Hang the enemy up high, high

I can make America Great Again
Banning Muslims
Sending back Mexicans
Building walls and making them pay for it
They have to back


Feb 7, 2017

The Death Panel needed some time off, so in place of a fresh episode here is a 3 hour compilation of last year's Black Fake History Month discussions! Featuring several songs and even a Triple D bit! 

  • 0:00 LARP Like An Egyption
  • 1:30 We Wuz Pharaohz n Sheeiit with Greg Johnson
  • 49:19 Topographical Evidence of Maps
  • 1:25:49 We Invented Ever'thang n Sheeeiiit
  • 2:28:53 Deathcamps, Despots & Dives: Lynching
  • 2:31:57 Johnny Aborigine: We Wuz Averyone n Sheeiiit
  • 2:52:26 Kang Nuffin
Feb 7, 2017

The Death Panel welcome Black Fake History Month 2017 with some Super Bowl tinfoil and a look at Hidden Figures.

Death Panel: Mike, Sven, Alex, Greg Johnson, Paul Kersey

Feb 3, 2017

The Death Panel are back to talk about some recent meetup events, Black Actual History, and Riots.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Musonius Rufus, Greg Johnson

  • 0:00 Intro
  • The Atlanta Forum
  • The New York Forum
  • 35:00 Black (Actual?) Fake History
  • -Baltimore Blight Story
  • -The Wire 
  • 1:05:50 Ben Shapiro Apology!
  • Neil Gorsuch, Fascism Forever!!
  • 1:14:10 D'Nations
  • Peaceful Trump Critics
  • Counter-Measures
  • Commies Be Duh Real Fascists
Jan 31, 2017

The Death Panel are back, desperately trying to keep up with all the latest Trump Administration actions and more!

Death Panelists: Sven, Mike, Johnny Monoxide

  • 0:00 Intro
  • Limbaugh getting nervous
  • The Acting AG Defies Trump
  • 33:51 Ben Shapiro reacts to the Muslim Ban
  • The Liberal Hamster Wheel
  • 52:50 The Quebec Mosque shooting
  • 1:01:18 Victor Stamp & The Rooting Kings: "MMmmmmm"
  • BREAKING NEWS! Acting AG Fired
  • Liberal Fever Dream of a Coup
  • 1:42:25 D'Nations
  • 1:53:18 Mike's HWNDU stories
  • 2:03:30 Trump Trolls Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jan 27, 2017

The Death Panel are frankly exhausted from all the good news coming out of the young Trump administration.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Alex McNabb

  • SPLCposting
  • Executive Order on Mortgage Insurance
  • Is Sven Sick and Old?
  • Duneposting
  • 1:02:00 D'Nations
  • 1:18:00 Alan McDabb: American Pcyclist
  • Immigration Exec Orders
  • Latinx Hero
  • Moar Immigration
  • Churchill Bust & Andrew Jackson Portrait
Jan 24, 2017

The Death Panel talk about Inauguration Weekend, Smoking, Political Violence.

Panelists: Sven, Mike, Alex, MeinKraft

  • Mike in DC during the Inauguration
    Mike Enoch meets Mike Cernovich
    Other people in DC
    The Inauguration: Dispelling #FakeNews
  • 1:14:00 - D'nations
    The Daily Shoah is changing???
    Spencer punched in DC
  • 1:58:20 - The Merchant Minute
Jan 19, 2017

The Death Panel return and can't thank you enough for your support.

Death Panelists: Mike, Sven, Alex, Intern MeinKKKraff

  • 2:15 Update: Jazzhands & Marcus Dindu Nuffin
  • 4:00 D'nations
  • 38:00 End of D'nations: Heartfelt Thank You
  • Couch Potato Famine: Independence Day II
  • 49:00 Press F
  • 51:15 Mike's Experience with Der Lugenpresse
  • Bradley Manning's sentenced commuted by Obama
  • 1:42:20 The Merchant Minute
  • 1:53:40 Tales From The Bamberlamps
Jan 17, 2017

Sven, Alex, and MeinKraffffft discuss the current situation. Mike could not join us as he was fleeing to a secure undisclosed location at the time of the recording. He will join us for a full length episode that will be recorded tonight, posted tomorrow. 

Thank you for all your support, apologies to all we have let down.

We'll be back tomorrow.

Jan 13, 2017
The Number Two Show takes a Number One on the past week's fake news.
Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Jazzhands McFeels, Intern MeinKraft
  • #PissGate - The Sexed-Up Dossier
  • More about anti-Russian policy
  • 1:05:20 BREAK: "Hey Wikileaks"
  • 1:08:00 D'nations
  • Did 4/pol/ create the PissGate dossier?
  • Even more about anti-Russian policy
  • 2:02:45 Adios Mi General is back!
Jan 10, 2017

The Death Panel are back to honor Meryl Streep's lifetime achievements.

Featuring The Shiksa Clock News and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, McNabb, Intern MeinKraft

  • 0:00 Intro
    -An All American Saturday
    -(((Meryl Streep's))) #SoBrave Speech
    -Free Diverse Youth Who Tortured Young H'white Man
  • 33:20 - D'nations
    - Fugitive Woes
  • 56:00 - The Shiksa Clock News with Emily Youcis
    -(((Jared Kushner))) to be Trump Advisor
    -Couch Potato Famine: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    -Norm MacDonald's "420" Skit About Literally Hitler
    -The 'Russian Hacker' (((Narrative)))
  • 2:06:00 The Merchant Minute
Jan 6, 2017

The Death Panel basically talk about ONE thing for 2 hours. I wonder what it could be!

Death Panel: Mike, Sven, Bulb, Alex

- What's In The News?
- #BLMKidnapping
- The Cost Of Diversity
- CNN on #BLMKidnapping
- What pisses Stefan Molyneux off about #BLMKidnapping
Jan 4, 2017


The Death Panel gather for the first of TWO shows this week! Featuring The Couch Potato Famine, A Word From Our Sponsors, and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Bulbasaur, intern MEINKRAFT

-0:00 INTRO - Enter Merchant
-Email: Become Kebab?
-JQ Agree & Amplify? (((Loren Feldman)))
-Implicit Greek Statues
-50:45 The Couch Potato Famine - The Magnificent Seven Remake
-1:06:45 A Word From Our (((Sponsor)))
-1:19:00 D'nations
-TRS NYE Party turning into a literal Kristallnacht
-Emily Youcis' Patreon (((SHUT DOWN)))
-Bill Mitchell's Twitter Meltdown
-More Alt-Lite discussion
-First-hand report on the "re ugee" invasion of Europe
-2:17:45 The Merchant Minute

Dec 28, 2016

Mike returns from his Yule-Tide Illness! The Death Panel talk White Genocide, The DR3 Prom, 2016's dead lefties and more!

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Bulby, MeinKraft1001

  • 0:00 Intro: Carol of the Things again
    White Identity Is More Important Than Religion?
    (((TED Talks)))
  • 1:26:20 - D'nations
    TRS Gives Fashion Advice
    2016 - A Year in Re-Jew
  • 1:57:10 - More D'nations
    Goals for the Alt-Right in 2017
  • 2:07:40 - Happy Hannukah
    (((Academic))) advocates white genocide
    (((Decolonizing Dialetics)))
    Alt-Lite Tearing Each Other Part: (((Thernovich))) vs. Baked Alaska
    Mike Rants About Vox Day
  • 3:00:10 - The Merchant Minute
Dec 23, 2016

Mike is still too sick to perform! But we assemble an emergency Death Panel to wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

Featuring The Night Before Fashmas, A Knockoff Christmas, The Merchant Minute, and the classic Night Before TRSmas. Enjoy!

Death Panel: Sven, Musonius Rufus, Bradan O'Fahey, Johnny Monoxide, Death

  • 0:00 Mike Enoch's Merry Christmas Message
  • (((Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer)))
  • The Truth About (((Hannukah)))
  • Christmas in 'Straya
  • Talking about Christmas Lights
  • Richard Spencer's Mum harassed by the Jews
  • 36:10: A Knockoff Christmas
  • Ivanka Trump harassed by Jews as well
  • Bantzing podcasts
  • Talking to normies about alt-right stuff
  • (((Gilmore Girls)))
  • 1:07:22 - The Night Before Fashmas
  • 1:12:00 - D'nations
  • Millenials Think Trannies In Bathrooms Is Ok
  • Christcuck Chat
  • 1:42:45 - The Merchant Minute
  • (((SPLC))) talks about Between Two Lampshades; Denies Holocaust Story?
  • 2:00:00 - TRS Classic: The Night Before TRSmas
Dec 20, 2016

Mike is ill! But rather than postpone, the Death Panel decides to hit you with TWO shows this week! Here's the first...

Death Panel: Sven, Bulbasaur, Jazzhands McFeels

  • Trump Wins Electoral College; Leftist Tears Restart
  • Berlin Workplace Violence Event Kills 12 at Christmas Market
  • Russia is making refugees do the raping?
  • Creating an alt-right media & destroying leftist safe spaces
  • 47:00 Svenpai: "Carol Of The Things"
  • Alt-Right Shutting Down Hippie Music in DC
  • Bulbasaur's gay nigger factory?
  • Russian Ambassador to Turkey victim of more workplace violence
  • The forum is closed
  • TWO Shoahs A Week?
Dec 14, 2016

Mike Enoch and Andrew Anglin talk to Richard Spencer about his Texas A&M event. 

Dec 13, 2016

Dr. Pizzagate; I'm C.I.A! The #2 Russian Propaganda Republican Podcast is back to discuss fake news and Russian CoupsFeaturing a Christmas song from last year, Dr. Narcan, and The Merchant Minute.

DEATH PANEL: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, McNabb, Bulby

GUEST: Andrew Anglin from The Daily Stormer

  • 0:00 Shitposting & Pool Parties
  • #RehashTheNation - Trump's Latest Picks
  • Fast Food Resteraunt Talk
  • Back to Rehashing the Nation
  • 39:12 - Oven Break
  • Talking About Jews & Degeneracy
  • #AppalachianLivesMatter: Gatlingburg Fires
  • 1:23:30 - Christmas Classic "An Hero"
  • Andrew Anglin joins to talk about being a Russian Hacker
  • PizzaGate
  • Why The Jews Want War With Russia
  • BREAKING NEWS: (((Bill Kristol))) resigns
  • TRS Forum are open!
  • 2:49:00 - D'nations
  • 3:05:35 - The Merchant Minute
  • The Talking Yid: Spencer FUCKING DESTROYS Leftists & Jews at Texas A&M
  • 3:23:00 Dr Narcan: Tales From The Bamberlamps
Dec 6, 2016


The Death Panel welcome back Toilet Law and discuss all sorts of TV and Sportsball things! Featuring Le Dingeau Autiste, "Spooks" by SVENPAI, Dr Narcan and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, Alex, Toilet Law

  • 0:00 Welcome Back TL and Congrats!!
  • MDE, Adult Swim, TV and Sportsball
  • Immigration
  • 51:20 Le Dingeau Autiste
  • 59:00 D'nations
  • Cernovich Debate, Appalachian Lives Matter
  • Other site business, forum stuff, etc
  • Bulby's "Cuck Nationalism"
  • 1:34:30 "Spooked" by Svenpai
  • Jonathan Haidt's smoking gun
  • The Carrier deal
  • Physical Punishment
  • 3:04:00 The Merchant Minute
  • 3:11:00 Dr Narcan for 10 Hours
Nov 29, 2016

THE DEATH PANEL discuss the latest occurrence of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste and The Merchant Minute

Death Panelists: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulby, intern MEINKRAFT1001

  • Kebab "Road Rage" in Ohio State University
    2016: The Last Current Year
    Muslim in bikini & hijab loses beauty contest
    (((Jill Stein))) wanting votes to be recounted
    Bulbasaur joins
    Talking About Jews
    North Dakota Pipeline Protests
  • 1:32:55 American Vanguard Postering makes it on Fox News!
    MAGA Hat now in Berlin (((Holocaust Muesum)))
  • 1:41:10 - D'nations
  • 2:03:14- Le Spoopy Autiste
  • Lesbian Dumpster Fire Professor Who was in Vanguard Poster vid
    Fidel Castro (finally) dies
    Trump plays more 88 D chess
    Shaun Kang attacks Bannon over hurt feelsies
  • 3:14:55 - The Merchant Minute
Nov 24, 2016

We disavow Richard Spencer's half-assed roman salute.

Nov 22, 2016
The Death Panel discuss NPI, waving high enough so people see you, Twitter Meltdowns, T-Shirts and High-Energy Radio DJing.

Death Panel: Mike, Sven, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, intern Myne1001

0:00 - Cold Open Mike Cernovich Periscope meltdown
- Pussy Mindset
- TRS Blog Technical Talk
- TRS & Counter Signal Memes Merchandise Available!
- WKKK1488FM - Official TRS FM  Radio!
- NPI 2016 Conference & Antifags
1:13:55 - Le Spoopy Autiste
- More (((Cernovich))) Ranting
- Shamelessly Promoting The Knock-Off Show Ep. 6 (available on TRS Radio)
- President Trump Cabinet Picks
- Rehash The Nation: Trump Blasts Media In Private Meeting?
2:19:50 - D'nations
- Bill O'Reilly tells (((Al Frankton))) to shut up back in 2003
- Even more (((Cernovich))) ranting
2:46:20 - The Merchant Minute
- Mark Cernobich & The Baboon Mindframe
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